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A friendlier healthcare

A friendlier healthcare

For Those Times When Life Throws a Curveball

You never plan to fall sick, get injured, or have an accident. But whether you are prepared or not, life has a habit of throwing a curveball when you least expect it.

For those times when you need a medical team promptly by your side, you can be confident that NeuMed will surround you with the most modern, mindful, and upgraded medical care.

The NeuMed
Clinic Experience

Our patients receive first-class medical care that goes along with our classic NeuMed experience:

  • High-quality medical treatment with fully upgraded and advanced technology
  • Intravenous nutrition & hydration therapy for accelerated recovery in compromised health or for continued wellness and stress reduction
  • Comprehensive physicals and screenings for disease recognition and prevention
  • Professional lifestyle advice and recommendations that are customized to fit your health needs

IV Therapy

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Infusions Menu

Complete Care
at One Location

Our goal is to provide best in class health care to all of our patients. That’s why we provide on-site imaging, diagnostics and a laboratory for the following:

  • Digital X Ray
  • EKG
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood oxygenation
  • Heart rate
  • Blood Glucose
  • COVID-19
  • Flu
  • Mono
  • Rapid Strep A
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus
  • Pregnancy
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecal occult blood


Health care,
without the

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Looking for

Conditions We Treat

Wellness and Prevention

Our highest priority is to help you reach and maintain your optimal state of health, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Everyday Care

When you’re sick, you shouldn’t have to wait a week to see a doctor — and hospital ER visits are an expensive and time-consuming solution.

Chronic Conditions

Sooner or later, nearly all of us develop at least one chronic medical condition that may change our lives profoundly.

Children and Family

Wellness, preventive and everyday care for children 6 months and older.

I.V. Infusion Therapy

Vitamin infusions specially designed to help your body recover, repair and renew.

Convenient health care built for you

You can schedule same-day or next-day appointments that start on time.


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Our office is located in the vibrant Houston Heights community. Call to schedule same-day or next-day appointments that start on time.

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Featured Treatment

IV Infusion Therapy

At NeuMed Clinic, we offer a host of targeted IV hydration infusions that are personalized to meet your individual health needs and concerns.

Target specific needs
Safe, comfortable environment
Give your body the boost it needs
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